Disney CEO Iger's pay fell 17% in 2017

Disney (NYSE:DIS) CEO Bob Iger saw his pay drop 17% in 2017, and other named execs at Disney saw Y/Y declines as well as bonuses dropped.

According to the company"s proxy statement just filed, Iger"s total compensation came to $36.28M, down from $43.88M in fiscal 2016.

His base salary remained flat at $2.5M, and stock awards roughly flat at $8.98M. But non-equity incentive compensation fell to $15.2M from $20M.

CFO Christine McCarthy"s total comp fell to $8.95M from $10.2M (a salary boost to $1.32M was more than offset by bonus declines). Chief Strategy Officer Kevin Mayer saw his total pay fall to $8.4M from $10.1M.

General Counsel Alan Braverman"s total pay slipped to $8.45M from $11.12M on a similar bonus decline, and the same was true for Chief Human Resources Officer M. Jayne Parker, whose pay fell to $5.09M from $5.6M.

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